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Induction Programme

The Higher Educational institution has an important role towards the students in development of individual, family and society to enrich all fields of knowledge, inculcate sense of responsibility and enhance their inner potential.

The transition from school to college is one of the most challenging events in a students life. While entering an institution, they come with diverse thoughts, backgrounds and preparations. They step into a new environment. An important task, therefore, is to welcome new students to Higher Education and prepare them for their new role.

The purpose of Student Induction Programme is to:

  • Welcome to the college
  • Help new students adjust
  • Feel comfortable in the new environment
  • Inculcate in them the ethos and culture of the institution
  • Help them build bonds with other students and faculty members
  • Expose them to a sense of larger purpose and self exploration
  • Explore the scopes in the Institution
  • Help to be a socially responsible citizen
  • Make aware of Nature
  • Develop self-empowerment, motivation, team work and leadership
  • Know the rules and regulations, norms, academic and administrative structure and learning resources of the college

Student Induction Programme engages with the new students as soon as they come into the institution before regular classes start.

In 2019-2020 Academic session, Induction Programme was held on 16.7.2019.

Principal addressed the students of 1st Semester with a warm welcome and enlightened them through the PowerPoint Presentation which was followed by the Departmental interactions.

The goal is to nurture the students to be responsible for their own betterment and capable of sustaining society and nature, besides enabling them to procure a position to earn their livelihood.

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