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The NSS Unit of our college is engaged in various activities such as health awareness programme, cleaning of our college campus, intensive slum visit etc. Besides the regular camp, the NSS unit organized a special camp for the underprivileged people of nearby adopted Peyarabagan Slum on and from 19.03.18 to 25.03.18. During the period a general physician and specialist doctors like child specialist, dentist, gynecologist and a psychological counselor visited the slum to serve the people. An eye camp also arranged during this period. On the last day a sit and draw competition was organized for the slum children, At the end of the competition, prizes were distributed to the winners in a brief award ceremony.


A diabetes awareness and detection programme was organized by the extension committee with the help of an NGO, in which about 102 people participated.


A unit of National Service Scheme has been functioning in our college since 2009. In the ses-sion 2019-20 the N.S.S. Unit organized Red Ribbon Camp, in which, Dr. Tapabrata Guha Ray of the Department of Community Medicine, R.G. Kar Medical College Hospital, deli-vered an illuminating lecture on HIV AIDS Awareness on 3rd December 2019.
Dr. Roni Sarkar, Assistant Professor of the Department of Zoology, South Calcutta Girls College, whose specialization is Molecular Virology of Human Immunodeficiency Virus, delivered a lecture on Dengue Awareness and its Preventive Measures on 6th March 2020.
Both the programmes were successful and generated enthusiasm and awareness on HIV-AIDS and Dengue among the students.


A webinar (Virtual Meeting) was held throughG.Meet by the NSS Unit, South Calcutta Girls College on 6th August, 2020 for the students to raise awareness regarding Dengue and the necessary measures to be taken for its prevention. There was a presentation by Dr. Roni Sarkar, Assistant Professor, Department of Zoology, SouthCalcutta Girls College on the Spread of Dengue and Various Controlling Measures, which emphasised the necessity to keep our environment clean and mosquito-free. Our Principal,Prof.(Dr.) Aparna De, teachers from various departments and NSS volunteers actively participated in this webinar. Our respected Principal, all teaching and non-teaching members and our beloved students attended this online event under the pandemic circumstances.

NSS Activities 2021-22

Fit India Freedom Run 2.0

To commemorate the 75th year of India's Independence Day "Azadi Ka Mahotsav", Fit India Mission conceptualized "THE FIT INDIA FREEDOM RUN 2.0. Being part of this movement, students participated in different physical activities during the week-long programme from 14th – 20th August 2021. Every day, around 50 participants performed different activities like walking, running, jogging, yoga exercise etc. Each participant reported everyday how much distance and time they covered.


Hands on Training, Making of Compost Fertilizers on 3rdMarch 2022

We introduced to NSS volunteers the process of making decomposed fertilizers in own house with practical experience. The speaker of the training programme, “Making of Bio-compost at home” was Dr. A. Barua, Assistant Professor of Botany of our College. A pit was constructed beside the college canteen for this purpose, in which biodegradable materials from hostel kitchen and canteen will be stored. The project will continue under the supervision of NSS volunteers.


NSS volunteers with our respected Principal Madam and Dr. A. Barua at the backside of our college campus.


International Women’s Day is celebrated every year on 8thMarch. We celebrated Women’s Day in our college on 9thMarch 2022 with an intra-college poster presentation competition.


The NSS Unit organized a tree plantation event on 24th March 2022. The NSS volunteers planted saplings, mainly of medicinal plants, watered them and enriched the medicinal plant garden of our campus. The medicinal plants which were planted are Basak, Kalmegh, and Ashwagandha. The NSS volunteers water the plants regularly, making sure that the plants grow beautifully in the campus.

NSS SPECIAL CAMP (10th March To 17th March, 2022)

The Special Camp of the NSS Unit of our College was formally inaugurated on 10thMarch, 2022 and it continued till 17thMarch 2022. Our respected Principal, Prof. (Dr.)Aparna De inaugurated the Special Camp. In her inaugural address, Principal Madam explained the essence of conducting the NSS programme and the manner in which its activities encourages the young, impressionable minds about their commitment to the society. The NSS volunteers, along with the core committee members, teachers and non-teaching staff of the College attended the programme. Peyarabagan slum, located just behind our college was chosen for the activities. During the Special camp, NSS volunteers conducted a survey of the Peyarabagan slum area and surroundings for Covid Awareness and medical requirement of the residents.
The NSS volunteers informed and sensitized the residents about the methods of controlling and preventing the COVID epidemic. The total number of participants was 50. The details of the programme are as follows:

RED RIBBON CAMP held on 25th March 2022

The NSS Unit of South Calcutta Girls’ College organised an awareness programme on ‘HIV-AIDS’ on 25th March, 2022 as part of the RED RIBBON CAMP. On this occasion, Honourable Principal of our College, Prof. (Dr.) Aparna De delivered her inaugural speech. The invited guest of this programme was Dr. Sharmistha Choudhuri, R.G. Kar Medical College and Hospital, who delivered a lecture on the topic, ‘Awareness on HIV-AIDS’. The purpose of this programme was to make the students aware about HV-AIDS. Her speech was followed by an interactive session where both students and teachers participated.

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