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Counselling Cell

SESSION: 2019-2020


Counselling cell remains open every Wednesday from 12pm to 4pm. There is a separate room for counselling within the college premises. All the information shared by students are remained strictly confidential. Confidentiality is the prime condition of all counselling sessions. Besides individual sessions , counselling cell has also conducted several group sessions with power -point presentation. Our college had celebrated WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY on 1Oth SEPTEMBER 2019.


Counselling cell always help students to set their individual goals and maintain academic standards. It is also important to take one’s own mental health as it affects individual’s emotion, thinking, feeling, and physiological health also. In individual counselling session, student learns to understand their emotions, deal with anger, clear their doubts and conflict. During individual session students are also trained on how to strategies and take meaningful decisions. Every year nearly about 70-100 students take counselling help with satisfactory result.


1. Counselling cell has conducted interactive session about ‘INTRODUCION TO PSYCHOLOGICAL COUNSELLING’ for Psychology department students on 26/9/2019. The session was conducted by college counsellor . The session was about counsellor and counselling. A counsellor is a trained person to deal with someone in distress. It is a process of being empathise, comfort and listen to someone who experiencing emotional distress. Sessions could be one to one or one to many. Information are also provided about symptoms and severity of mental illness.

2.Counselling cell had also conducted interactive session about ‘STRESS AND COPING’ for psychology department on 27/9/2019.The session was conducted by college counsellor. The session was all about to give students on stress coping strategies. They were also demonstrated few mindfulness exercises.

3. Counselling cell had conducted interactive session about UNDERSTADING MENTAL HEALTH AND MENTAL FITNESS’ on 28/6/2019 for all the college students. The session was conducted by college counsellor. This session was about to understand emotions, Counselling and how to deal with it.

4.College cell along with Department of Psychology had also celebrated WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY in two segments. Poster presentation and power point presentation by students. Poster presentation was held on 4.09.2019 and power point presentation was held on 18.9.2019. Several topics were given to each department. Psychology department represents on basic characteristic of mental health and differences between neurotic and psychotic disorder. Zoology, Botany, physiology, Psychology represents neurochemical functioning of mental health. Sociology, History, Philosophy , Education, represents early history and social stigma of mental health. Economics , political science , Geography represents world-wide and Indian statistical approach towards mental health and also state a glimpse of mental health act of India. English, Bengali departments represents Views of author about mental health in literature.

5.Counselling cell had also made a power point presentation for students on ‘IDEAS TO KEEP CALM DURING LOCKDOWN DAYS’. It has already been uploaded to college website. Some suggestions were provided to deal with immediate psychological reactions. Some key points from power point presentation are given below:-

  • MEDITATION –help to focus of present
  • SELF CARE- eat healthy , sleep well and stay fit.
  • TIME-SCHEDULING- Prepare a routine to perform daily activities
  • ACTIVITES IN MORNING& DAY- How to start your morning and to organise day time.
  • ACTIVITIES IN EVENING & NIGHT- How to manage evening and plan for good sleep.

6.Counselling cell had also provided power point presentation on how to deal with depressive thoughts during lockdown ‘ WAYS TO FIGHT DEPRESSION AND COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS NOT YOUR PROBLES’ .

7.Counselling cell AND Department of Psychology had also conducted and IQAC promoted webinar on ‘PSYCHO-SOCIAL WELLBEING IN PANDEMIC CONDITION (COVID-19)on 12th may from 4pm onwards. The speaker was Dr.Rima Mukherji who is Senior Consultant Psychiatrist and Founder Director of Crystal Minds. She is an empanelled Psychiatrist with American consulate and jointly collaborating in doing awareness program with West Bengal Commission for protection of child rights. The Reason behind this webinar was to motivate students and faculties and how to overcome stress during pandemic.

8. Counselling cell had also initiated a program on ‘EXPRESS YOURSELF THROUGH CREATIVITY’ along with Department of Psychology. With the COVID 19 outbreak , our day to day life has become full of stress. In this connection students can express their feeling through creativity in form of creative writing and painting.

9. Counselling cell had taken initiative “SHARE YOUR INITIATIVE” where students can easily share their feeling through a help desk number.

10. Counselling cell is conducting session on several topics every Wednesday 3pm-4pm through google meet.

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