Subject Combination

Honours Subject ( B.A ) Electives
Bengali Education and Sanskrit


Sanskrit and Journalism And Mass Communication
Education and Journalism and Mass communication
Education and Philosophy
Sanskrit and Philosophy
Education Sociology and Philosophy
Sociology and Psychology
English History and Sociology
History and Journalism and Mass Communication
Sociology and Journalism and Mass Communication
Geography Political Science and Sociology


History Journalism and Mass Communication And Political Science
Journalism and Mass Communication and Sociology
Political Science and Sociology
Journalism and Mass Communication Bengali and Political Science
Bengali and Economics
Bengali and Sociology
English and Political Science
English and Economics
English and Sociology
Philosophy Bengali And Education
Bengali and Sanskrit
Bengali and Sociology
Education and Sanskrit
Education and Sociology
Political Science Sociology and Journalism and Mass Communication
Journalism and Mass Communication and History
Sociology and History


Honours Subject ( B.A ) Electives
Sanskrit History and Philosophy
History and Bengali
Bengali and Philosophy
Sociology History and Political Science
History and English
Political Science And English
Psychology Education ( Compulsory)and English


Education (Compulsory)and sociology


Honours Subject ( For B.Sc) Electives
Botany Physiology and Zoology
Economics Mathematics and Political Science
Mathematics and Education
Mathematics And Statistics
Geography Economics and Political Science
Economics And Sociology
Psychology Zoology and Physiology
Zoology Botany and Physiology


Subject Combination for General Course of Study ( The Candidate will Choose any Three Subjects)


 B.A Electives
History, Political Science  and Education
History, Political Science and Journalism and Mass Communication
Philosophy, Education, Sanskrit
Philosophy, Education, Bengali
Philosophy, Education, English
Education, Sanskrit, Bengali
Education, Sanskrit, English
Philosophy, Education And History
Psychology ,Bengali and Sanskrit
Psychology ,Bengali, Sociology
Psychology , English,Sociology
Sociology, Psychology and Political Science
Geography, Sociology And Political Science


B.Sc Electives
Economics, Geography and Sociology
Economics, Geography And Political Science
Economics, Journalism And Mass Communication And Political Science
Botany, Zoology and Physiology
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