Hostel Fees

· Hostel seats are limited

· Admitted students (Honours only) interested in securing Hostel accommodation should apply (on plain paper) to the College Office on the date of verification, mentioning the applicant’s Permanent Address (with distance)

· For Hostel accommodation, the following documents will be required during admission

1. Attested photocopy of Higher Secondary Examination mark sheet

2. Fit Certificate (at least from MBBS doctor)

3. Age proof

4. Address and Photo ID (Voter Card/ Aadhar Card)

5. Four (4) passport size photos (applicant, applicant’s both parents and applicant’s local guardian)


Cost of Admission Form 100/-
Admission fee 1500/- (at a time)
Session Charge 500/- (per annum)
Establishment Charge and Seat Rent 3000/- (per annum)
Caution Money (Refundable) 500/- (per annum)
Electricity Charges 2200/-(per annum)
Maintenance Fee 1500/- (pe annum)
Food Charge 2500/- (per month)
(11 months to be paid either at a time or in two instalments)
Development 1200/- (Per annum)
Hostel Charge to be paid at the time of admission: 25400/-
Next instalment (food charge upto June) to be paid in December: 12500/-
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